Delivery of goods.

1. The buyer, having chosen the delivery service at the time of ordering, undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.

2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Buyer is unable to accept the goods himself and the goods are delivered to the specified address, the Buyer shall not be entitled to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.

 3. The Goods are delivered by the Seller or the Seller's authorized representative (courier).

 4. The ordered goods are delivered within 3-5 working days after payment of the order.

 4.1. If the order is shipped on a business day before 2 p.m. and if the goods are in stock, the goods are delivered within 1-3 working days.

 4.2. In individual cases, the delivery of goods may take longer by informing the Buyer within 1 day. from order.

 5. In all cases, the Seller shall be released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

6. The Buyer must in all cases immediately inform the Seller if the consignment is presented in crushed or otherwise damaged packaging, if the consignment contains unsolicited goods or their incorrect quantity, incomplete goods.

7. In all cases, if the buyer notices any violations of the packaging during delivery, he must indicate his remarks in the delivery document submitted by the courier or draw up a separate report regarding these violations. The Buyer must do this in the presence of a courier. Failure to do so shall release the Seller from liability against the Buyer for damage to the goods related to packaging damage, which the Buyer did not indicate in the courier's delivery document.

8. If the goods are returned to the Seller due to the Buyer's fault incorrectly specified or inaccurate address, or if the goods are returned to the Seller without taking it from the post office during the maximum storage period, the Buyer must pay the Seller re-shipping costs; and the cost of returning the goods. If the buyer refuses to re-accept the shipment (i.e. request a refund for the goods), the money for the shipment will not be refunded to the buyer.